Visitors is a website dedicated to computerized versions of old fashioned strategy games. Since I most enjoy turn-based strategy games which allow a fair amount of thought between turns, the games on this website are all of this type. If first-person action games are your area of interest, you will not find much to entertain you here.

I hope that this site will eventually have several different types of games. As you might guess by the name, my favorite area of interest is the Napoleonic Wars. The first game I began designing is indeed the NapWars system, but unfortunately there have been some snags in the evolution of the system, and NapWars is still in a very early stage of development.

StarEmpires, however, is in an advanced play-testing stage. StarEmpires is a game of space exploration and exploitation, using a double-blind play system (that means you cannot see anything your units cannot see), and web-based communications between the computers of individual players and the computer controlling the actual game. I am soliciting additional play-testers to help with the final development of the game, but remember that there are bound to be problems with any unfinished product.

Napwars members have access to the entire NapWars website by supplying their user name and password at the appropriate prompt. Visitors may gain partial access to the StarEmpires website, as well as the demonstration game, by selecting the following link:

Star Empires

If you would like to gain access to all of the pages on this website and join our play-testing group, please contact me: