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Game 4: Utah Free Press editorial

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 7:58 am    Post subject: Game 4: Utah Free Press editorial Reply with quote

Indeed, times have been trying.

Rampant violence upon peaceful citizens by rats run amuck.

Lies, propoganda, incitements to violence upon a formerly peaceful universe.

Will it end?

UN troops are certainly massed for a strong counterattack. Their high level of training aside, they wait upon burning hot desolate planets, harsh, ice cold ships, thinking of home, wishing to be with their loved ones instead of preparing to give the ultimate sacrifice to quell a madman.

Days away from attack, there is little laughter, only small nervous smiles among the groups of hardened warriors. The men and women and steeling themselves to merciless killing machines that they know they will need to be to exteriminate the rats of Butteye.

After reports of near fanatical fighting on nearby mining planets, collateral damage to non-military targets is expected to be extremely high, as the fighters defending their rat holes hide among civillian populations. Sweet victory is not certain, but one thing is: the plains of Butteye will be razed to dust, the once populous valleys will be torrents of the blood and offal of the rats that befoul the land.

It is a season of certain death. Commanders, troops, pilots, and more have trained for many eons for this sad mission of destruction. But they only look to Provo, remembering the unprovoked deaths and annihilation of thousands, to know that their mission is just.

The UN will persevere, and through this experience, grow stronger. It is sad to think that a little simple diplomacy might have averted this outcome.
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