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StarEmpires is a strategic, turn based game of interstellar exploration, exploitaition and conquest. It is a long term web-based game for multiple players in which diplomacy between the various players is an important element of game play and strategy. This introduction gives some background information about how the game works and how to use the game software.

StarEmpires Introduction


Large Fecund World

The StarEmpires Bulletin Board is a forum where players may ask questions about game mechanics, strategy or software, make suggestions, or just generally discuss game issues. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section addresses many of the issues which most often come up. Please review the FAQ occasionally, since new questions and answers are added periodically.

StarEmpires Bulletin Board



In order to join a game, a player must submit his name for the wait list. Players may participate in as many different games as they feel comfortable with, but it is recomended that new players limit themselves to two or three active games until they become familiar with game mechanics and proficient at game play.

StarEmpires Wait List


Jump Point

The StarEmpires Demonstration Game is a good way to learn to use the game interface and to see what things look like. Any player may access the demo game to experiment with how to navigate around the interface and how to input various orders. Since several different powers are available to view in this game, players may get an idea how things look from the perspective of different powers.

Demonstration Game


Interstellar Warship

Certain issues dealing with game play are not really covered by the game rules. Rules dealing with these issues may be found under House Rules.

StarEmpires House Rules


Interplanetary Transport

The actual game rules for the StarEmpires game are available from within the player interface. However, on occasion, players may wish to view the rules without actually signing into a game. The following link will allow access to the game rules, as well as displaying any changes or errors which may need to be distributed to the game players.

StarEmpires Game Rules


Interstellar Transport

This is a privately maintained web site. The link below describes the policies of the owner.

Napwars Site Policies


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Version 5.0 of the StarEmpires player interface is available. Click the following link to download a self extracting archive file containing the software installation package (3.6 MB). If you had a version earlier than 5.0 installed, it is required that you load version 5.0 in order to activate the new automatic update portion of the program. It is recommended that you uninstall the previous version before installing version 5.0.

Installation instructions are available below:

Download Game Software

Installation instructions: Download the archive file StarEmpPlayInt5_0 containing the installation package (that's the link just above). When prompted to open, run or save the file, click on save. You will be asked to specify a destination for the download. In most cases, it is easiest to download the archive file directly to your desktop. Double clicking the StarEmpPlayInt5_0 archive file will cause it to extract the installation package into your C:\StarEmpires directory (advanced users only - you may specify a different path, but the game will require access to the C:\StarEmpires directory in order to run properly). Now, enter the C:\StarEmpires folder, and double-click the setup.exe program. Once the player interface has been installed, you may delete the setup files and the archive file if you wish. If you encounter problems downloading the archive file or extracting the installation package, please contact the game referee.

Updating Already Installed Software:

If you already are running version 5.0 or later of the StarEmpires software, updates will be made automatically when you sign in to a game, provided you have an internet connection. If you have any problems with the automatic update, please contact the game referee for more information and troubleshooting help.

Please note that when the game uses the automatic software update function, your computer will download the new software and then drop back into DOS mode to load the new software. Depending on the speed of your equipment this may be so fast that you do not notice, or it may take a few seconds. Once the update is complete, the game will restart from the sign-in screen (you will be required to sign-in again).

Interplanetary Warship

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