House Rules

The following house rules are in effect for all Star Empires games:

When a player joins a Star Empires game, he may rename his power. The new name must be sent as an e-mail to the referee before the second turn after the new player has joined is executed.

Names for systems, worlds, ships and armies may not be derogatory or obscene.

If a player retires from a game, he may not rejoin that game at a later time. The only exception to this is if a player retires because his power no longer controls any worlds. A player whose power controls no worlds has so few options for constructive action that he may retire from that game with no penalty.

Games may be designated as unlimited diplomacy, or restricted diplomacy. In restricted diplomacy games, a player may use only the game messaging system for diplomacy. Player names, e-mail addresses, or any other identifying information may not be given to other players in such a game. In an unlimited diplomacy game, players are allowed to contact each other outside of the game messaging system.