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Paul Anderson - Game 4, turn 296 - 32455 Victory Points, 7703 Treasury Points, 32 Total Tech Levels, 50 Reputation Points, 94169 controlled population, 98 controlled worlds, 1609 industry, 478 total ships, 412 interstellar ships, 872 armies.

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The Top Six Overall Individual Game Ratings:

105.1% - Brian Dunn

100.0% - Paul Anderson

79.1% - John Wrona

49.2% - Paul Connors

44.1% - Rich Dyrda

42.2% - Justice Campbell

This is a listing of the best individual game player ratings. Only a player's best individual game rating is listed. All players in all games are eligible for this listing.


The Top Five Three Game Average Ratings:

102.2% - Brian Dunn

61.7% - Paul Anderson

38.2% - Paul Connors

17.6% - Rich Dyrda

The best ratings of the top three games a player has a score calculated are used for this average. Note that if a player has scores in only two games, a zero is used for the third game for purposes of averaging ratings. Players with scores in fewer than two games are not eligible for this listing.


The Top Five Most Successful Revolutionaries:

105.1% - Brian Dunn

Only players controlling powers which started as revolutionaries are eligible for this listing.


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