Demonstration Game

To help players learn how to use the player interface, a demonstration game has been made available. Players (or prospective players) are free to navigate around this game, issue orders, and generally explore game capabillities. Since no turn will be executed, this game will not change, and players may look at the same situation from the perspective of different powers.

Before attempting to explore the demonstration game, it is highly recommended that you view the Introduction for information about how to navigate the interface. Next make sure that the latest software has been installed on your computer (listed under "Game Software" on the home page).

Turn 40 has just been completed in the demonstration game, so the power home page window will show turn 41, and the view turn events screen will show 'Important events for turn #40 in game #100.' If the events screen shows something different, then see below.

To sign in to the demonstration game, start the player interface (that is the software you downloaded above) and use the player information presented below. Note that the player interface was only designed to allow one player to view an individual game from a given computer. If you wish to 'force' your computer to view another player's information after one player's data has already been downloaded, follow this proceedure: Sign in using the new player's information. The interface will tell you that the turn data is current and no download is needed, then it will load the game. The only things which will be missing are message and turn event files. From the power home page window, select "File," then "Download Data Files." This will cause the proper message and turn event files to be loaded for the new power, without erasing the old ones. Doing this for each of the four players in the demonstration game will allow you to view all four without any further downloads.

User Name: player 1
Password: test
Game Code: 100

This is the UN player in the Manifest Destiny scenario. In this demo game, I built interstellar transports at Earth for the first three turns. Each interstellar transport left Earth with two UN civilians on board, and explored until finding a fecund world. The civilians were used to colonize the world, and the interstellar transport returned to Earth for more UN civilians.

Meanwhile, in the Solar system, the population of the Asteroids was brought up to 20. A revolt on Mars on turn 8 disrupted planning for a few turns while new UN civilians were transported to Mars and the rebels were transported back to Earth, as well as costing one of the interplanetary transports. Once things settled down again, the interplanetary transports were used to ferry resource points from Mars and the Asteroids back to Earth.

The star cruiser Enterprise explored various sytems until the revolt on Mars, at which time the ship returned to the Solar system and eliminated the revolting interplanetary transport. Enterprise then returned to exploration duty.

After completing construction of the three interstellar transports, Earth built several armies, then switched to all production to treasury. This allowed industry to be imported to Mars, the Asteroids, and the colony worlds.

By turn 15, six worlds had been colonized, although two of them revolted on turns 14 and 15. Interstellar transports added new UN civilians to the revolting worlds, hauling the discontented civilians back to Earth where they could do little harm. At this time, interstellar transports also began building up populations of the nearest colony worlds, and started transporting Chinese civilians to New Home, a world with a small resource potential (in the case of problems with the Chinese, at least they could only disrupt a fairly unimportant world). New interstellar transports began to be built as the UN could afford to do so, always keeping at least 80 treasury points in reserve to deal with unanticipated emergencies. Meanwhile, Enterprise continued to explore new systems, concentrating on systems closest in jumps to Earth.

Mars revolted again on turn 22, followed by New Caledonia on turn 23. By turn 36, the UN had built up enough treasury points to begin spending on public works to keep the population happy. A plague on the Asteroids on turn 37 caused more disruptions, but this could be handled by in-system ships (while they were at it , the population of the Asteroids was built up to 40). On turn 40, the Gorlockians invaded Bouganville, there was a plague on Mars, and this is where development stops.

User Name: player 2
Password: test
Game Code: 100

The Sudachi player entered at turn 31. This power has not accomplished much so far, other than to exploit the home Phoenix system. Two "Mother Lode" events on world Koke have left it with an abundance of resources.

User Name: player 3
Password: test
Game Code: 100

The Jalapinos became active on turn 32. They instituted an invasion of their neighbor world Krank at the earliest possible moment, and due to allowing their Victory Points to fall into negative numbers are now villians. Although being a villian is generally bad, it does allow them increased army control points, which will help with their invasion. They can anticipate controlling Krank by turn 43 or 44. Note that Krank is now radiation sick, so there is no civilian repopulation until the radiation levels drop.

User Name: player 4
Password: test
Game Code: 100

This is the Gorlockian player, who was activated on turn 34. After building some armies and a few ships, the Gorlockians have moved in on the UN's world Bouganville. This would most likely start an intense round of diplomacy, and by viewing the messages recieved, you can see the beginnings of the communications (remember that the first round of messages was sent out but not recieved before the actual invasion began).