RV-8 Project N804PT

Power Plant
Extra Capacity Fuel Tanks
Flight Testing
Panel and Avionics

My name is Pat Tuckey, and I have built an RV-8. This website is intended to provide a back-up record of the FAA required aircraft builders log, as well as allow family and friends to view some pictures of the airplane as the building was in progress. Although I will try to add to this site as time goes by, expect it to remain fairly primitive, since I am more interested in flying the airplane than producing a fancy website.

If you don't know what an RV-8 looks like, here is a picture of my airplane and a three view drawing:

The RV-8 is one of many airplanes designed by Richard VanGrunsven, more commonly known as "Van." Van now has a company which produces kits for his more popular designs. For more information on the RV-8, as well as all of the other Van's Aircraft kits, see the Van's Website

Although there are many resources available on the web for RV information, my favorite bulletin board is RivetBangers.com. One of the very useful parts of this site is the Builders Resources section, which contains links to many other sites.

The actual construction of my airplane is divided into sections matching the four sub-kits that the aircraft kit is delivered in. Although times for each day's work are listed, the actual time working is rather subjective. I tend to only count time with actual tools in hand, while time spent studying plans, thinking thorough construction proceedures, etc. are not included in the day's data. This causes my construction times to look a little lower than the times posted by some other builders.

The empennage kit arrived on December 4, 2004. Click this link to view empennage work: Empennage

I finished work on the basic empennage structure on August 6, 2005. Since I had ordered the wing kit in February of 2005, and the kit was delivered at the end of April, I was able to begin construction of the wings immediately.

Work on the wings began on 9 August, 2005. Click this link to view wing work: Wings

Because of space constraints, work on the fuselage slightly overlaps the wing construction. The inventory of the fuselage kit began on March 29, 2006. Click this link to view fuselage work: Fuselage

The final phase of construction was the finishing kit. This work started on July 02, 2007. Click this link to view finishing: Finishing

The first flight test was flown on November 28, 2007. Click this link to view flight testing: Flight Testing


If you wish to contact me to ask questions or offer suggestions: Contact Pat

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