RV-8 Project N804PT

Power Plant


This airplane is powered by a Superior XP-IO-360-B1AD2. This engine is a close copy of a Lycoming IO-360, with fuel injection, a forward facing cool air induction system and roller lifters. One of the more interesting features of this engine is that I got to build it myself. Superior offers a "Build School" for aircraft homebuilders, where the builder assembles the engine at the Superior facility under the close supervision of the excellent instructional staff.

October 10, 2006: 8.0 hrs - In the morning, my engine looked like this:

The crankcase halves were prepped and measured:

And then the connecting rods were fitted to the crankshaft:

October 11, 2006: 8.0 hrs - On day two, the crankcase halves were bolted together around the crankshaft and cam shaft. In the background, the cylinders, pistons and rings can be seen prior to gapping the rings for each cylinder:

After the cylinders were fitted, quality assurance checked the torque and fit of all major parts (these checks followed all major steps of the engine assembly, and were identical to the checks performed on the production engines you can see at the other workstations in Superior's facility):

October 12, 2006: 5.0 hrs - On day three, accessories and fuel injection parts were fitted to the engine:

After the oil sump was fitted, intake manifolds, fuel injection servo, and starter followed:

And here is the completed engine ready to be sent to the test facility:

October 18, 2006: Here is the engine on Superior's test stand ready for the innitial engine run:

The test run was successful in all respects. The engine then went back to Superior to be prepared for shipping to my hanger.


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