RV-8 Project N804PT

Panel and Avionics

The instrument panel and avionics are mostly installed now. Much may change before the aircraft is completed, but the following gives an overview of the current plan.

This was the original instrument panel layout:

This is the panel as currently installed:

And here is the wiring harness with the panel removed:


The basic panel is designed around the GRT Horizon I EFIS system, using an AHRS and EIS to drive the two multifunction displays. The EFIS system is fully integrated with the Garmin SL-30 Nav/Com and the Garmin GNC-300XL GPS/Com for navigation information. The TruTrak ADI Pilot II can also receive navigation information through the EFIS system, and acts as an emergency turn coordinator in the event of a failure of the EFIS system. Not shown in the above diagram is a pedastal mounted compass mounted on the glareshield.

The aircraft features two independant electrical systems. The main system uses a Plane Power 60 amp internally regulated alternator, with the standard lightweight Odyssey battery found in so many RV aircraft. Most aircraft systems are powered off this system. The essential system uses an SD-8 vacuum pad mounted standby 8 amp alternator, with a small 7 amp hour battery. This system is capable of powering all essential avionics. A seperate 7 amp hour clock battery is charged off the main buss and normally powers only the clock but can be used as an emergency source for the AHRS and display 1 of the EFIS.

The AHRS and both display units are always connected to both the main and essential busses through the circuit breakers on the lower right panel. These components utilize internal isolators to keep the bus voltages independant, and can be isolated in an emergency by pulling the associated breakers. The autopilot and both nav/coms use three postion switches to allow either main power, off, or essential power.



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