Site Policies is owned and maintained by Pat Tuckey. It is intended for the education and entertainment of its users.

It is the policy of this site not to discriminate against any user based on age, gender, ethnic background or any other circumstance beyond the control of the user. However, the owner of this site also reserves the right to employ traditional english usage without bowing to the pressures of being "politically correct." The traditional "she" for a ship or "chairman" instead of the politically correct "chairperson" are not intended to be discriminatory. If you find them offensive, you are invited to use another site.

Users of this site are expected to follow rules of ethical conduct. Anyone not adhering to the following rules will be expelled from the site and denied any further access:

Any attempt to alter, decompile or amend any of the files or programs used in the games on this site will be considered an attempt at cheating. No form of cheating will ever be tolerated.

Players are expected to be respectful of other players. Although banter and propaganda based on game events and situations is encouraged, no derogatory comments should ever be based on a player's real life situation.

The games on this site all involve diplomacy of some kind. Players may make their own judgments about how to conduct their diplomacy. Lying or breaking diplomatic agreements may make a player unpopular with the other players, but is not considered cheating or unethical in the context of game play.


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